The Importance Of A Privacy Policy For Your Website

privacy-law-onlineWe have all heard that joke about how every person on the planet has one lie in common, which is ticking the box to confirm we’ve read the terms and conditions. Is it really important to have one on your website, if nobody reads it anyway? The answer is yes

When you review the terms & conditions, or Terms of Service (ToC) for any website, or social media channel, you view a set of rules. It’s a lot like entering into a competition and failing to read the fine print at the bottom which tells you what might disqualify you from it. When you agree to the terms & conditions you are agreeing that you will abide by the rules that a particular website has set out. Forget about your right to free speech, a website is like any other company- they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and breaking the terms & conditions is the quickest way to see that in action. Every company has a set of terms and conditions that is unique to its site. The ToS also generally includes a disclaimer notice, to ensure the visitor understands you are not liable for any misinformation that may be presented on your site.

Very recently a well-known right wing Twitter user was banned from the site, and supporters were up in arms about it, claiming that his right to free speech was being censored. A quick look at the T’s and C’s shows that Twitter was well within their rights to cancel his account and ban him from returning, because he broke the rules that allowed him a platform on Twitter in the first place. Within Twitter’s terms and conditions, the rules he broke are clearly set out- so by breaching those rules repeatedly they simply cut him off from their service. Another good example is one of our local clients, here in Long Island, that has a website in the adult entertainment industry. Imagine the type of private date they have on their visitors, and what they could theoretically do with it!


You will frequently see Instagram and Facebook remove posts, pictures, and videos from the site due to a breach in terms and conditions. This can be triggered if enough people complain about it, otherwise it can be difficult for large social media sites to stay on top of all of the misbehaviour of its users.

When it comes to privacy policy and terms & conditions, what’s the difference?

A Privacy Policy will inform customers how you collect their personal information is collected, how it is stored and whether it is offered to third parties. Every website should have its own unique privacy policy. It’s essentially a disclosure statement made specifically for your company, and it should also contain any laws that are relevant to your business, industry or location.

Every website that collects personal information requires a privacy policy, but not all websites will require terms & conditions, it depends on the nature of your site.

How To Download All Files From A Website?


When it comes to downloading all of the files from a website, you are going to have to deal with a variety of issues. The reason why is simple, you can’t just click and save everything with ease. There was a time in the past where you could do that, but today? That’s not going to be the case at all. Most sites have a lot of code to break down if you try to take their content. You can try to emulate the code, but there’s going to be a lot of breaks. There are several ways that you can do this. Whether you want to get all the files, including videos, images, and more, or you just want to pull the writing, there are several things that you are going to need to consider. In the end, it is possible to do this for most sites, but even then, there are some sites that you cannot pull through.

The Quick Way 

The first option that you can do is simple, visit any website you’d like. Then go to your settings within the web browser and hit save entire website. Or save page as, and then save everything. For most sites, you will be able to save every single thing on a site. There are also services like Website Downloader Online, which essentially do the same thing for free, but also allow you to exclude certain file extensions. If you don’t get everything, you can look at the code and see where any images, and more are hosted on other areas, and then download them or edit the code as a result.


Download Management Software

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to work with this is simple, look for download managers. You can pull a lot of files, including all the major audio, video, and more with a download manager. Things like Flashgot, Downthemall, WBMDL, IDM, and FDM (Free Download Manager), can help you pull all the files completely. From the code, to the digital media files, you can pull through anything you’d like, and many software choices are free overall.

The thing that you need to remember is simple. You need to remember that you can download most files on any site, with the sole exception that you could deal with webmasters that block downloads. This is rare. However, there are some pages that you cannot just pull away files from overall. In theory, 90% of websites can be downloaded completely, using one of the two ways mentioned above.

What Is The Wayback Machine?

There’s a lot of different cool internet domains. There’s a lot of different websites that you can explore, and spend a lot of time looking through, and at. One of the premier pages that you have to consider today is none other than the wayback machine. This is a virtual treasure trove of epic proportions. If you haven’t heard of this, you’re in for a real treat. This is a solution that is going to absolutely change everything for you, as it is a simple time machine, for the internet age. Once you start looking through this, you may very well never want to log off.

The Loss of Internet Pages

There are millions upon millions of pages that are deleted every day. Over the years, people have put out a ton of information, and nothing happens with them. They get lost in the shuffle, they get deleted from the archives, and they are gone. Well, in 2001, a couple of internet guys decided to bring about a time machine. This time machine would pull archival images and information from websites that have been deleted from the past. Taking information from 1996 moving forward, this site is absolutely incredible, in the amount of information that it has.

How to recover a website from the Wayback Machine?

Here is a good video that uses, which explains how you can download a website from the Internet Archive:

What Exactly Is The Wayback Machine?

This is a site that lets you search for old sites. Any site you can think of can be pulled through. Whether you posted a blog long ago that you forgot about, or deleted, or you wanted to look at an archive of information, you will find that the wayback machine puts you in contact with the past today. The site pulls archive from Alexa Internet, and is a way to see the world of the internet through various websites, domains, and more.

This is something that comes alongside the internet archive. The internet archive is the largest collection of public domain images, videos, and much more. Through the search that you do on that page, you can pull images from the world around you, and beyond. It’s nothing short of incredible. Now, tie together the wayback machine and the internet archive, and you should have no reason to be bored ever again.

Time machines may not exist in real life, but as far as the internet archives are concerned, you’ll find that the wayback machine is well worth exploring on that level. It truly brings you to all new levels of experience with the internet’s past.