What Is The Wayback Machine?

There’s a lot of different cool internet domains. There’s a lot of different websites that you can explore, and spend a lot of time looking through, and at. One of the premier pages that you have to consider today is none other than the wayback machine. This is a virtual treasure trove of epic proportions. If you haven’t heard of this, you’re in for a real treat. This is a solution that is going to absolutely change everything for you, as it is a simple time machine, for the internet age. Once you start looking through this, you may very well never want to log off.

The Loss of Internet Pages

There are millions upon millions of pages that are deleted every day. Over the years, people have put out a ton of information, and nothing happens with them. They get lost in the shuffle, they get deleted from the archives, and they are gone. Well, in 2001, a couple of internet guys decided to bring about a time machine. This time machine would pull archival images and information from websites that have been deleted from the past. Taking information from 1996 moving forward, this site is absolutely incredible, in the amount of information that it has.

How to recover a website from the Wayback Machine?

Here is a good video that uses waybackmachinedownloader.com, which explains how you can download a website from the Internet Archive:

What Exactly Is The Wayback Machine?

This is a site that lets you search for old sites. Any site you can think of can be pulled through. Whether you posted a blog long ago that you forgot about, or deleted, or you wanted to look at an archive of information, you will find that the wayback machine puts you in contact with the past today. The site pulls archive from Alexa Internet, and is a way to see the world of the internet through various websites, domains, and more.

This is something that comes alongside the internet archive. The internet archive is the largest collection of public domain images, videos, and much more. Through the search that you do on that page, you can pull images from the world around you, and beyond. It’s nothing short of incredible. Now, tie together the wayback machine and the internet archive, and you should have no reason to be bored ever again.

Time machines may not exist in real life, but as far as the internet archives are concerned, you’ll find that the wayback machine is well worth exploring on that level. It truly brings you to all new levels of experience with the internet’s past.

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